The Bible is the cornerstone of our curriculum and culture at CCS. Parents can be confident that their children are being held to high standards of conduct while thriving in a challenging academic environment.

Training children to think, speak, and act like Christians.
Training children to think, speak, and act like Christians.

Latin: An Important Part of Our Curriculum
(Grades 3 -5)

Chapel Service begins the day to establish in our pupils a commitment to be faithful to their calling as students.


The Second Great Commandment is to love our neighbor as ourselves.  This means respecting others the way we wish to be respected.  At Canterbury, this is a fundamental value that is emphasized throughout every grade.


If you expect much from a child, you will see that expectation met.  At CCS, our structured environment emphasizes punctuality, maintaining standards of conduct, and being responsible for work assigned. At a time when too many young people thrive on making excuses, at Canterbury our students learn that they are expected to be responsible participants in their education.


Honesty is a character trait that is important throughout every stage of life.  Emphasizing telling the truth, despite the consequences, enables our students to understand their calling under God, to be honest in all their dealings.


Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit. Our biblically failthful culture fosters a kind and helpful attitude in our students. This environment supports the standards that should be present at home, and works with parents to train and correct their child as needed.