Faculty & Staff

For over 45 years Canterbury Christian School’s staff and faculty has made it a top priority to provide an excellent education for its students. Our structured environment, coupled with strong academics and music and art, allows our students to build a solid, Biblical foundation in the skills necessary to succeed in life.


Photo of Father Steve Macias

Father Steve Macias


Photo of Miss Kathy Goodell

Miss Kathy Goodell

Office Administrator/ Executive Assistant

Photo of Miss Lynora Hart

Miss Lynora Hart

Director of Development

Photo of Mrs. Andrea Schwartz

Mrs. Andrea Schwartz

Director of Operations/ Human Resources


Photo of Mrs. Davette Kuiper

Mrs. Davette Kuiper

Fifth Grade

Photo of Mr. Paul Materum

Mr. Paul Materum

Fourth Grade

Photo of Rev. James Gadomski

Rev. James Gadomski

Third Grade

Photo of Mrs. Rhoda Moulden

Mrs. Rhoda Moulden

Second Grade

Photo of Miss Amy Lien

Miss Amy Lien

First Grade

Photo of Mrs. Susie Ju

Mrs. Susie Ju

Kindergarten Teacher (K-5)

Photo of Mrs. Aruna Vijayakumar

Mrs. Aruna Vijayakumar

Kindergarten Teacher (K-4)

Adjunct Teachers

Photo of Mrs. Sarah Macias

Mrs. Sarah Macias

Music Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Liz Cox

Mrs. Liz Cox


Photo of Mrs. Dian Ruder

Mrs. Dian Ruder

Handbell Choir Director

Photo of Father Christopher Parrish

Father Christopher Parrish

Latin Teacher