Health & Wellness

Students thrive socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.

Chapel Service

Every day after the entire school gathers to begin the school day at the flag for a prayer and patriotic assembly, there is a Chapel Service where students learn the basics of the Christian faith, the history of the church, and traditional hymns and creeds. This is the context upon which the rest of the curriculum is built

Christian Relationship, Unity and Teamwork

There are regular events that take place throughout the school year and into the summer that celebrate the Christian calendar. These are incorporated into Chapel and classroom discussions to further develop a Christian identity in our students.

Physical Education

Grades 1 – 5 have weekly PE where they learn basic principles of exercise, group sports, and physical fitness.


A Canterbury distinctive is how we conduct our students’ lunchtime. Students enjoy their meal in a quiet environment (no talking) while listening to classical music. This practice allows students to actually eat their lunch in a timely manner and aids in their digestion. A time of recess follows prior to beginning the afternoon session.  

Regular Recess Times

Throughout the school day, there are opportunities for students to be active and stretch their legs and release some energy. This makes for better focus and concentration when back in the classroom.


At Canterbury we encourage younger students to get to know the students in the older grades. We have a “buddy system” that pairs Kindergarten students with 5th grade students and provides an exercise in discipleship for our older students and a sense of belonging to the younger ones.

Student Government/Raise the Standard Leadership Training

Select students are given the opportunity to learn leadership skills: developing, organizing, and executing programs that benefit the school. Under the leadership of the Headmaster they are challenged to apply God’s word in all they do.


How people dress often determines how they will conduct themselves. At Canterbury our students have a classroom uniform and one for their weekly P.E. We encourage modesty and cleanliness — both necessary and useful for developing into responsible adults.