Technology-Free Classrooms

Why Our Students Don’t Use Technology in the Classroom

Today’s children are bombarded with digital media and images, often at the expense of their developing strong, foundational skills in listening and reading comprehension. This is the rationale behind our policy of technology-free classrooms. Our students learn how not to be dependent on technology, but know how to apply the basics of phonics, arithmetic, and readable penmanship.

Our curriculum includes weekly instruction in art, music, choir, handbells, PE, and Latin. Children are given ample opportunity to explore all aspects of a liberal arts education.

We live in a digital age and there are many opportunities for children to become versed in technology. There are multiple ways parents can assist their children in learning keyboarding skills in order to be skilled in internet-based programs.

Our after-school enrichment programs and camps do offer opportunities for our students to develop in the areas of technology.