What grades does Canterbury Christian School (CCS) provide?

CCS provides educational opportunities for K-4 through 5th grade.

How long has Canterbury Christian School been around?

We are now in our 46th year of operation.  From the outset, the purpose of the school was to prepare our students to be knowledgeable, faithful Christians, ready to pursue God’s call on their lives.

What curriculum does CCS use?

CCS uses the A-beka curriculum for all subjects with the exception of Language Arts.  For that we use Shurley Grammar.

Why does CCS use the above choices?

At CCS we are dedicated to providing a solid foundation in reading, writing, and arithmetic to our students.  These materials are proven to establish our students as proficient readers because they are taught with a phonetic approach.

Does CCS test their students with standardized testing?

Yes. Each year all our students take the IOWA test.  Our results are regularly among the highest of all schools tested.

Can students enroll at any point in the school year or is it restricted to September?

We practice continuous enrollment, keeping in mind that each prospective student needs to be assessed for correct placement.  It may be determined that additional tutoring may be necessary to help the student catch up with the rest of the class.

Besides the core subjects, what other learning opportunities are there at CCS?

Our students participate in daily chapel, and have weekly classes in music, art, bell choir, Latin, and physical education.  We believe that this exposure gives them a well-rounded education and an appreciation for the many aspects of God’s creation.

Why does CCS teach Latin?

Latin is a foundation part of English vocabulary and grammar.  Students who learn Latin are better readers and ultimately perform better on entrance exams.

What is a bell choir?

A bell choir is just as the name implies:  music played on bells each with a different note.  The sound produced is “heavenly” in a very real sense.  However, the best reason to participate in a bell choir is to learn the application of music skills and learn to work as a team with other musicians.

Does CCS provide after-school care?

Our after-school enrichment program is designed to provide our students with extra-curricular activities to expand the scope of their learning. We offer Mandarin, art, chess, Singapore math, creative writing, speech & debate, along with sports and other electives during the school year. While not part of our tuition, the cost is reasonable for the value rendered.

During school breaks or summer vacation, does CCS offer any camps or programs?

Yes.  There are three Enrichment Camps offered throughout the school year at Christmas, Washington’s Birthday, and Easter break. These involve an additional cost.  Summer Camps and Vacation Bible School are offered in the summer months.