In 1974, the members of St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Los Altos, CA determined that God was calling them to begin a work in Christian education. Canterbury Christian School was birthed.

1974 – 2008
Rev. Norm Milbank, supported by his wife Tillie Ann, served as headmaster.

Rev. Milbank served well into his 90s and remained an integral part of the school until his death in 2013. The Milbank’s daughter Marnie spearheaded the choice of curriculum to ensure high academic standards. Their sons continue to be active in helping the school maintain the vision of their parents.

It is a testimony to the vision and mission of its founders, that Canterbury continues to be an important part of Christian education today.

2008 – 2017
Bishop Ron Johnson, supported by his wife Barbara, served as headmaster.

Bishop Johnson, Canterbury’s second headmaster, took over from Rev. Milbank and ran the school when the Milbanks were well into their nineties. He had previous experience running a school in Mesa, Arizona. His untimely and unexpected death in November of 2017 was mourned by Canterbury families.

2018 – present
Father Steve Macias, supported by his wife Sarah, serves as headmaster.

Father Macias is uniquely qualified to serve as Canterbury’s 3rd headmaster since its inception in 1974. His theological and educational background, coupled with experience in running organizations and non-profits prepared him for this current role.

Bringing a youthful enthusiasm to his role as headmaster, Fr. Macias is the father of three children and also is a Canterbury parent with his oldest currently in the First Grade class.