Rediscovering Canterbury: A Heartwarming Campus Tour

Summer is a special time at Canterbury. The campus is quieter, with the bustle of the school year momentarily paused, creating a serene environment perfect for our summer tours. As Headmaster, I have the pleasure of leading prospective families through our beautiful (but empty) campus and sharing the charm and history that make Canterbury unique in the Silicon Valley.

Recently, I had the delight of welcoming back an alumnus who graduated from 6th grade in 2001! He visited with his wife. They have a 5-year-old child and are exploring Kindergarten options. As we walked through the familiar pathways, he shared fond memories of his time here. One of his cherished recollections was about Rev. Milbank at the flagpole, a figure who evidently left a lasting impression.

When we entered the Kindergarten classroom, the alumnus couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s like a time capsule,” he remarked, noting how little had changed since his days as a student. He pointed to a picture on the wall and turned to his wife, saying, “This golden rule picture is etched into my memory.”

Our journey through the campus continued, filled with nostalgic discoveries. In the parish hall, he found the names of his friends on the Jus Anuli Award plaque, further connecting him to his past at Canterbury.

Canterbury is unique in the Bay Area, not just for its picturesque setting but for the traditions we steadfastly preserve. These traditions have fostered countless successful students and nurtured happy Christians. As someone deeply invested in the stewardship and preservation of our school’s legacy, I am incredibly proud to continue this journey, ensuring that Canterbury remains a place where memories are made and cherished for years to come.

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