Canterbury School Welcomes Brian Gundy for an Educational Snake and Reptile Experience

Canterbury School recently hosted an exciting and educational event for its Kindergarten and 1st grade students. Brian Gundy, from the renowned organization For Goodness Snakes, visited the school to share his impressive collection of snakes and reptiles. This hands-on demonstration brought the students’ science curriculum to life, offering a memorable and interactive STEM learning experience.

As part of their science studies, the young students at Canterbury School have been learning about snakes and reptiles. Brian Gundy’s visit provided a unique opportunity for them to engage directly with these fascinating creatures. The children were thrilled to not only learn about snakes but also to physically hold and observe them up close. This firsthand interaction deepened their understanding and appreciation of reptiles.

Brian Gundy, an animal enthusiast with a lifelong passion for teaching others about reptiles, has been captivating audiences throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years. His extensive experience includes working as a veterinary technician at a local pet hospital for nine years, where he cared for a diverse range of animals, including African lions, cheetahs, wolves, otters, dogs, and cats.

In addition to his educational programs, Brian Gundy breeds and sells investment quality ball pythons. His dedication to selective breeding has transformed his hobby into a successful business, known for providing top-quality ball pythons to enthusiasts and collectors.

“We are delighted to have had Brian Gundy visit Canterbury School,” said Rev. Steve Macias, Headmaster of Canterbury School. “His passion for reptiles and his ability to engage and educate our students made for an unforgettable experience. As a classical school, we believe that exposure to these types of experiences, coupled with our classical methodology, lays a solid foundation for a future in the sciences. Brian Gundy’s visit is a perfect example of how hands-on learning can ignite a passion for scientific exploration in our students, preparing them for future academic and professional success.”

For more information about Brian Gundy and his work with reptiles, please visit his website: and Youtube Channel, which features over 700 videos, or check out his Yelp reviews.

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