Student Life

Canterbury Christian School Distinctives

We have a 45 year tradition of maintaining biblically-based standards for our staff and our students. What follows is a description of Canterbury Christian School and the means by which we pursue both our Vision and our Mission.

Canterbury Christian School is…

Scriptural – At CCS all subjects are taught from a biblical world and life view. We believe that all areas of life and thought are governed by the law-word of God, and every aspect of our school reflects that.

Scholastic – At CCS we maintain high academic standards without compromising the Christian values that are essential and foundational for all future success.

Structured – At CCS the school day is structured to promote a sense of discipline and maturity. The standards by which students receive correction are outlined at the outset using the OBEY chart.

Supervised  At CCS our students are never left without adult supervision. Every person having direct contact with our students has passed a Livescan (FBI/DOJ) background check.

Safe At CCS measures are in place to ensure the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional well-being of our students. These measures are constantly being reviewed and evaluated in order to maintain student safety.

Self-Controlled At CCS our students learn to obey the first time, conduct themselves with deportment, and experience immediate correction to help them develop good habits.

Steadfast At CCS we maintain that children need to be trained and encouraged to be steadfast in their pursuit of learning. The culture of our school embraces this perspective and has been proven effective for over 45 years.