Canterbury Students Win National Math Contest Awards

Canterbury Students Shine in the Noetic Learning Math Contest this Spring

Thirty-two students from the Canterbury School in Los Altos participated in the Noetic Learning Math Contest held this April. The goal of the competition is to encourage students’ interest in math, to develop their problem-solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in the STEM fields. This spring, the competition was fierce with more than 39,078 students from 803 schools across the country.

Our classical school students showcased not only their outstanding math talents but also their determination and perseverance in working through challenging problems.  We are proud to highlight the following students’ achievements:

National Honor Roll (the top 10% of all participating students):

Arina Huang (2nd Grade)
Avdel Jacob (2nd Grade) 

National Honorable Mention (the top 50% of all participating students):

Jeremy Zhang (2nd Grade)
Jonah Zhang (2nd Grade)
Emma Yoo (2nd Grade)
Lucy Macias (2nd Grade)
Grace Kurniawan (2nd Grade)
Johann Zhang (3rd Grade)
Simeon Landhuis (4th Grade)
Emily Zhou (4th Grade)
Lucas Zhao (4th Grade)
Aaron Zhu (4th Grade)
Caiden Fung (4th Grade)
Ariel Ge (4th Grade)
Hawken Parkman (5th Grade)
Athanasius Macias (5th Grade)
Zyana Zhang (5th Grade) 

For more details about the Noetic Learning Math Contest and to see a full list of national winners, please visit:


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