The True Grit Challenge

Report Cards are due Monday October 28 and some families might be surprised or discouraged at some of the grades earned by their children.  We want to encourage students to try harder and grow their perseverance muscle

Canterbury is instituting the True Grit Club.  This is a challenge for students to improve grades in specific subjects from one quarter to the next. So, for example, if your student receives a “C” grade in a subject for first quarter and improves it one letter grade or more, he/she will be acknowledged as having met the True Grit Challenge for that subject at the end of the next quarter. 

Parents are encouraged to use this challenge to inspire their students and help them see that often from going from a “D” grade to a “C” grade is more difficult than going from a “C” to a “B” etc.  We want to acknowledge effort and progress.

Interested families should contact Andrea Schwartz so that we can jointly discover ways to make the study hall time more productive for students who need some extra assistance, and by helping them learn how to study more effectively. The following formula is a useful one:

Talent x  Effort = Skill

Skill x  Effort = Achievement