Classes Cancelled Due to Power Outages (Friday, March 17th)

Dear Canterbury Families,

An ongoing power outage has impacted our campus and while PG&E is actively working to resolve this issue, we do not have an estimate on when power will be restored. The current projection for power restoration is Friday, March 17th at 10 pm, although we are hopeful that it will be resolved sooner.

As a result, our campus will remain closed on Friday, March 17th. All on-campus classes and activities are canceled.

Why are we closed?

Without power, we are unable to turn on furnaces to heat up classes for students. With tonight’s temperatures in the lower 40’s tonight, our classrooms will be unreasonable cold for students. We have also received communications from Canterbury parents affected by the power outage that they do not have access to hot water and therefore are unable to prepare for school (laundry, bathing, making lunches, etc.)

Our campus also uses a series of VOIP phones for campus communication. Without power and internet access we have limited access to local emergency services in case of an emergency. While cell phone may be a one way to communicate, the local cell towers have also been affected by the regional power outage, making it difficult to make outgoing or receive incoming calls at this time.

In Christ Alone,

Rev. Macias

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