School Uniform

Why School Uniforms? 

The wearing of uniforms accomplishes a number of valuable objectives.  Uniforms instill in students a sense of belonging and loyalty to the school.  Student behavior and productivity are generally improved with uniforms.  Wearing a prescribed uniform helps de-emphasize fashion consciousness and diminishes tendencies to form socioeconomic cliques.  Most families find that uniforms cost less than buying the typical student wardrobe and uniforms help reduce family conflicts over what to buy and what to wear. 

Uniforms serve a practical purpose of safety since students are easily identifiable on field trips and persons not in uniform are easily spotted on our campus. Finally, uniforms look nice and help create a positive impression of our students and our school.  

The Canterbury uniform is worn by every student, including those in kindergarten, and should be worn with a sense of dignity and pride.  The complete uniform must be worn every day.  It is expected that parents will purchase regulation items or they will be asked to replace them. All clothing must be properly fit and modest. No holes, tears, frays, patches, or writing are permitted on dress code items.  Shirts must be tucked in throughout the day but may be untucked during recess.

Notes will be sent home for uniform deficiencies.  Complying with the uniform requirements is part of school policy.  Uniforms should be clean, neat, and mended.  Girls’ uniforms should be neither too long nor too short; at or just below the knee is a good length.  No watches or jewelry are to be worn other than small earrings for pierced ears for girls only.  No make-up is to be worn including nail polish. Girls may wear hair-bows, clips, and headbands in school colors (Navy, red, white) only. Hair must be of a natural color, neatly groomed, and kept out of the eyes.

Parents should use daily preparations for school as a teaching opportunity to develop and instill good hygiene and grooming.  Students should be prepared for school each day through regular bathing, washing of hair, and wearing clean uniforms.  Boys’ haircuts need to be above the shirt collar. 

Girls Uniform (Kindergarten through 5th Grade) 

The distinctive girl’s school uniform at Canterbury holds significant importance for Christians in today’s society, particularly amidst the prevailing “gender” confusion in other educational institutions. The uniform consists of a white Peter Pan collar, either long or short, symbolizing purity and modesty. The navy V-neck jumper with pleats exudes a sense of tradition and discipline. Completing the ensemble are the red cable knit socks, navy cross tie, and a red cardigan specifically designed for girls, showcasing their unique identity within the school community. By maintaining a separate uniform for girls, Canterbury promotes a clear understanding of the values aligned with Biblical standards, reinforcing a sense of order, respect, and adherence to traditional principles in an era of societal ambiguity.

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White Peter Pan Collar Short 
Navy V Neck Jumper Pleated 
Red Cable Knit Socks 
Navy Cross Tie 
Red Cardigan (Girls) 

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Note: Skirt length no shorter than mid-knee. May wear biker shorts, leggings, or tights underneath jumpers (provided they are not visible). No rolled or folded-down socks. All-black shoes, no white or colored soles. No colors, stripes, or patterns, brand logo okay. Only white undershirts (no colored, no prints, or designs) are allowed, worn under a school shirt and not visible. 

Boys Uniform

 Kindergarten through 5th Grade

The boy’s school uniform at Canterbury plays a vital role in fostering Christian values and character development in today’s world. The uniform includes white Oxford shirts, available in both short and long sleeves, signifying a commitment to honor and excellence. The navy uniform pants and shorts represent a sense of order and discipline— and should always be worn with a black leather-type material belt. A navy bow tie adds a touch of sophistication and unity among the boys. Completing the ensemble is the red V-neck cardigan, highlighting a sense of dignity and pride in their appearance. By providing distinct uniforms for boys, Canterbury instills a strong sense of honor, order, and responsibility, reinforcing the importance of upholding Christian principles and fostering a positive environment for growth and development.

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White Oxford Short 
White Oxford Long 
Navy Uniform Pants 
Navy Uniform Shorts 
Navy Bow Tie 
Black Leather Belt 
Red V- Neck Cardigan 

All-black shoes, no white or colored soles. No colors, stripes, or patterns, brand logo okay. A black belt. Black or navy socks, crew length only (no ankle or no-show socks). Only white undershirts (no colored, no prints, or designs are allowed), worn under a school shirt.  Uniform shorts and pants may not have cargo pockets and must have belt loops. 

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Physical Education (PE) Uniforms 

The Canterbury school physical education uniform is worn on Thursdays as an alternative to the regular uniform, specifically designed to provide comfort and flexibility during physical activities. It consists of a white T-shirt featuring the school logo, representing a sense of unity and school pride. Students have the option to wear navy sweatpants or navy P.E. shorts, allowing them to choose what suits their preference and activity level. White crew socks and a family’s choice of tennis shoes complete the uniform, ensuring proper footwear for physical exercise. Additionally, it is worth noting that the cardigan from the regular uniform is worn to chapel every day, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a neat and respectful appearance during religious services.

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Navy PE Jogger (Girls)
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White Athletic Crew Socks
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  1. Can we use our uniforms from previous years?

Some items are also part of the new dress code and may be used provided they are in good condition (No holes, frays, excessive fading, patches, or writing. ) The uniform policy is effective August 2023 and we expect all of our students to wear the new uniform on the first day of school. 

Exempt boys items that may continue to be worn:

  • Navy Uniform Pants 
  • Navy Uniform Shorts
  • Black Belt 
  • Black Shoes
  • Navy PE Shorts and Sweatpants 
  • Navy PE Crewneck Fleece 

Exempt girls items that may continue to be worn:

  • White Peter Pan Collar Long/Short
  • Red Cable Knit Socks 
  • Black Shoes 
  • Navy PE Shorts and Sweatpants 
  • Navy PE Crewneck Fleece

Girls plaid jumpers, blue cardigans, white and red turtlenecks, boys red polos, boys red turtlenecks, and previous PE t-shirts are not part of the new dress code and may not be worn to school. 

  1. Do I have to buy my uniforms from Amazon? 

No, the suggested French Toast brand is widely available on and many other websites and storefronts including, Kohls, Target, JC Penney, among others. When buying other brands ensure that your purchases reflect the proper uniform colors, jumper, and collar style (e.g. Oxford for boys or Peter Pan for girls.) 

  1. Can I donate my old uniforms to Canterbury?

Thank you for considering donating your old uniforms to the school. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. However, at this time, we are unable to accept donations of old uniforms for various reasons. Instead, we would like to suggest a couple of alternative options for your old uniforms. Firstly, you could consider repurposing them as play clothes for your student or younger relatives. This way, the uniforms can continue to serve a practical purpose while being put to good use.

Alternatively, you might also want to consider donating your old uniforms to local charities or organizations that accept clothing donations such as the Mountain View Community Services Agency, Goodwill Industries, or the Salvation Army Family Store in Mountain View. 

  1. What should I do if I am unable to find a particular part of the uniform for my student?

If you are unable to find a specific part of the uniform for your student, we recommend reaching out to our school office for assistance. Our staff will be more than happy to help you locate the missing item or provide alternative solutions through online or in-person retailers. We understand the importance of having all the necessary components, and we are committed to ensuring that every student can meet the uniform requirements. Please don’t hesitate to seek our support, as we are here to assist you in any way we can. 

Please note that students may receive a discipline tally for incomplete or incorrect uniforms, so we encourage you to promptly address any uniform-related issues to ensure compliance with our policy. We understand the importance of maintaining a consistent and cohesive appearance, and we appreciate your cooperation in upholding our uniform standards.

  1. What should I do if my student feels too hot, too cold, or uncomfortable in the new uniforms?

    Ensuring the comfort and well-being of our students is a top priority. We strive to strike a balance between maintaining uniform standards and prioritizing the comfort of our students.
    1. Shorts during warmer months: Boys are permitted to wear uniform shorts during the first and last quarters of the year, considering warm weather conditions. This allows for better ventilation and helps keep students comfortable during hotter periods.
    2. Short sleeve and long sleeve options: Our uniform policy offers both short sleeve and long sleeve options for shirts, allowing students to adapt to varying temperatures and personal preferences throughout the year.
    3. Additional jackets during recess: Students are allowed to wear additional jackets or outerwear over their uniforms during recess or outdoor activities. This provides flexibility to adjust to changing weather conditions, ensuring they stay warm during colder times.
    4. Monitor weather conditions: Consider the weather and make adjustments when necessary. During extreme temperatures, we may provide temporary exceptions or additional guidance to ensure students’ comfort and safety.
  2. I noticed that the Canterbury logo is missing from the new uniforms. When will the new CCS logo patch be available?

We apologize for the absence of the Canterbury logo on the new uniforms. By removing the logo from the sweater, we were able to drastically reduce the cost of the cardigan and switch to a higher quality sweater. We are currently working to produce Canterbury emblems as “patches” that attach directly to our cardigans.  These high quality patches are carefully and intricately designed to showcase the Canterbury cross logo associated with our school. Students will affix them on the breast of the cardigan. The patches are skillfully embroidered onto the fabric, ensuring a durable and professional appearance. 

The patches serve as a visual representation of our school community, fostering a sense of pride and unity among students, staff, and alumni. We kindly request your patience as we finalize the design and production of the new patches. Rest assured, we are actively addressing this matter and will communicate with parents and students once the patches are ready for distribution. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to restoring the Canterbury logo to our uniforms in a timely manner. 

  1. What should I do if my student’s uniform gets damaged or needs repair?
    If your student’s uniform becomes damaged or requires repair, we recommend taking the following steps to ensure that their uniform maintains a professional appearance:
    1. Missing buttons: If any buttons are missing from the uniform, we strongly encourage you to have them replaced promptly. Missing buttons can impact the overall look of the uniform, and timely repairs help maintain a neat and tidy appearance. 
    2. Ripped, stained, or torn items: In the event that any part of the uniform becomes ripped, stained, or torn beyond repair, we suggest replacing those items. It is essential that the uniform remains in good condition to reflect the professionalism and pride associated with our school. We believe that the uniform is not only an outward representation of our institution but also an opportunity to instill important values in our students, such as character and responsibility.

By maintaining a well-kept uniform, we teach our students to take their appearance seriously, fostering a sense of godly pride, discipline, and respect. We encourage parents to work together with their student to ensure their uniform is cared for appropriately. By emphasizing the importance of maintaining a professional appearance, we empower our students to take ownership of their appearance and uphold the standards of our school community.

  1. How many sets of uniforms should I have for my elementary school student?

The number of uniforms needed for your student can vary depending on your personal preferences. As a general guideline, we recommend having at least two to three complete sets of uniforms per student to ensure a smooth rotation throughout the school week. This allows for proper laundering and eliminates the need for daily washing. However, you may choose to have more sets to accommodate unforeseen circumstances or personal preferences.

Having spare uniforms on hand can be helpful in case of unexpected spills, stains, or accidents. While not mandatory, it is highly recommended for students in kindergarten to have an extra set of clothes or underwear at school in the event of bathroom accidents.

  1. How often should uniforms be laundered or cleaned? Are there any specific care instructions? 

Students are to arrive at school with uniforms that are clean and free of any blemishes or soiling. Regarding the care of uniforms, we recommend following the care instructions provided by the manufacturer or as indicated on the garment labels. Generally, uniforms can be laundered following standard washing practices. It is important to note that certain uniform items, such as cardigans or specific fabric types, may require more delicate care.

To ensure the longevity and quality of the uniforms, we suggest the following guidelines:

  1. Regular washing: Uniform items like shirts, jumpers, and pants can typically be machine washed according to the fabric’s care instructions. Use appropriate detergent and follow recommended water temperature settings. 
  2. Stain treatment: Promptly address any stains by pre-treating them before washing. Refer to stain removal techniques suitable for the specific fabric to minimize the chances of permanent discoloration.

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