Teacher Commissioning Service (September 12, 2023)

We extend a warm welcome to Canterbury students, families, and alumni for the annual commissioning ceremony for our faculty and adjunct teachers. During this meaningful service, we reaffirm our commitment to teach in alignment with the Bible, our flawless and unerring guide. We also seek God’s grace and blessing upon this special ministry of teaching.

As part of the service, our teachers will be invited to the chancel rail to respond to a few questions collectively, followed by an opportunity for those in attendance to come forward and offer their prayers.

This decades old tradition is paired with the service of Evensong from the Book of Common Prayer with students serving as readers and acolytes.

Teacher Commissioning Service
Tuesday, Sept 12, 2023
7 pm in the Chapel

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    Prayers to all of Canterbury teachers & staff for a wonderful new year. Thank you for all that your love & care for the children.

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