Canterbury Enrichment Clubs (Fall 2021)

Chess Club with Coach Mike Jones 

New interactive lessons and gameplay every session to ensure all students are participating and learning. Chess has been proven to help students be more successful in school by strengthening and developing skills including patience, focus, and critical thinking. 

Sir Isaac Newton Maths Club 

Father Macias incorporates grade-level specific drills, worksheets, and puzzles from Singapore Math and similar curriculums like Saxon and Abeka. The goal of the club is to develop mental arithmetic skills, computational agility, and enjoy a competitive club environment. 

STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics)

Allows our students to explore the sciences in new ways. We’ve built robots, rollercoasters, and volcanos – plus lots of other fun experiments and projects.

Biblical Greek (Koine) 

All students are welcome as we take a tour of the Greek letters, their formation, and sounds using songs, picture books, and coloring sheets. Students are introduced to the language of the New Testament one or two letters at a time! Father Macias also introduces aspects of Greek culture and its significance to Christian civilization. 

Lego Club 

LEGOs are a great way to excite young engineers about problem-solving and innovative thinking. Students are led in a variety of individual and group activities using legos and also enjoy time to cultivate their creativity. 

Spanish (España) 

Spanish is a very accessible language as English and Spanish share similar alphabets and a fair share of cognates. In our after-school Spanish program, Father Macias introduces short stories, poems, music, and more. While Father Macias’s family is from Mexico, he will teach according to the more formal vocabulary and pronunciations spoken in Spain (España). 

Art and Drawing 

Filled with FUN projects, we will be exploring a variety of art mediums through exciting hands-on art-making experiences- creative drawing techniques, crafts, and mixed media projects like origami and sidewalk chalk.

Supervised Outdoor Play

At the supervising adult’s discretion, students are either assigned to the back playground or the front playground.

Study Hall (Homework Help)

All students attending are expected to work on their homework, Father Macias is available if they need help. Students who finish early and our younger students may then read, draw, or otherwise occupy themselves quietly. Fr. Macias reads aloud to our Kindergarten students. 

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